Driving Lessons Dewsbury – Wakefield – Batley

Latest Info: Congrats to Paige Wilby (Thornhill) on passing (10th Oct) Only 6 Faults Congrats To Jacob Harrison On Passing At Wakefield (10/8) First Time And Zero Faults. Congratulations To Max Blakeley On Passing At Wakefield (8/8) Only 3 Faults. Congratulations on Passing Michael Lister (Ossett) on passing(12th Aug) First Time Congrats to Michal Campbell (Dewsbury) on passing at Wakefield 1st timer. (10/7) Congratulations Lauren Murray From Batley on passing 12th Aug Only 6 faults Congratulations to Danny Johnson (Wakefield) on passing 1st time With 2 faults (14th June) Congratulations To Clare Tripplett (Birstall) on passing on 12th June