The Theory Test

The U.K driving theory test consists of a multiple choice questions test and a hazard perception test in video format. Both tests need to be passed at the same sitting. So if you are unsuccessful in one of the tests, both will need to be retaken. The questions in the multiple choice section will be unique to the category of licence you are taking. For example a car theory test will have a different question bank to the motorbike or truck test. So make sure that the learning resources you are using are geared towards the test that you’re going to take. The hazard perception is the same across all tests but the pass marks are different.

On arrival at the centre make your way to the reception where both parts of your licence need to be checked. The test will not go ahead if both the photo card and counterpart can’t be produced. Then you will be given use a locker to lock away your personal belongings. If you are found with any prohibited items when taking the test, the test will be terminated and you lose the fee you paid. Also whilst on the test you aren’t allowed to talk to or distract any fellow candidates, this will also result in the test been terminated.

The Multiple Choice Questions

When the multiple choice section starts you will be given a short clip explaining the format of the test and offered the option of taking a short run of practice questions. It would be a good idea to take this opportunity to familiarise yourself with how the test works. After this practise session the real test will begin, you are given 57 minutes to complete the 50 questions (don’t rush the questions as there is ample time to answer them and to check your answers after). The test works by giving you a question and possible answers, read the question and answers carefully as some answers will be close but not totally correct and some of the questions will require you to select more than one answer. If you are stuck on a question you can put a flag on it and return to it later in the test. For some of the questions you will be given a case study, which will show a short story focusing on a real life example similar to what you could encounter when your driving and you will be asked five questions on each case study. The pass mark for the question part is 43 out of 50 (86%). At the end of the test you can review your answers before submitting them. After the questions you will be given the chance of a three minute break before starting the hazard clips. It is a good idea to take advantage of this, as once the hazard clips start they can’t be paused.

Hazard Perception Clips

Before starting the hazard perception clips a short video will explain how it works. Then fourteen clips will be played on a screen. The clips will play out a variation of real life hazards similar to what you’ll see in your driving lessons. The clips will contain one developing hazard (a developing hazard is something you will have to change speed or direction for) and one of the clips will contain two hazards which you can score points on. If you spot a hazard early you can score a maximum of five points decreasing to one for seeing it when it’s fully developed. To score highly you need to click as soon as you feel the hazard is starting. If you click in a pattern or continuously you will be flagged as cheating and will score zero for that particular clip. You will need to click more than once in a clip but the computer will determine if your clicking is unnatural or not. Your hazard perception clips can’t be reviewed either so give it your full concentration. The pass mark for this part of the test is 44 out of a possible 75, thirteen have a possible 5 points and one with a possible 10 points (2 hazards).

Below is the official D.S.A video


When the test is finished make your way back to the reception where you can collect your belongings and be given your result straight away. If successful you’ll need to keep the certificate as it gives you a number which is needed when you book the practical test. You now have two years in which to pass the practical test, if you don’t pass in this time you’ll have to retake the theory test again.

If you are taking your driving lessons in Wakefield or Dewsbury. Huddersfield or Leeds are your nearest Theory test centres. The link to go direct to the booking site is on the 1way FAQ page. Use the link from this site as there are booking agents who will charge you more.

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