Show Me Tell Me Questions Pt2

Inside the Car

These questions inside the car may need to be demonstrated.

With some of these questions the examiner may request you start the ignition without starting the engine. This requires you turn the key only until the dash lights come on.

Q. How would you know you have a problem with your anti lock braking system
A. A light on the dash will stay illuminated after the engine starts or come on whilst driving.

Q. How would you check the directional indicators are working properly?
A. Turn on the hazard warning light switch, this turns all 4 indicators on and then walk to the front and rear of the car to check all four work.

Q. How would you de-mist your front and rear windscreen?
A. Switch on the fan speed, direct it toward the windscreen, set the heat switch and the rear windscreen switch does the rear.

Q. How would you check that the headlights and tail lights were working properly?
A. Switch on the ignition, turn the headlight switch to dipped as pictured and then check the front and rear of the car.

Q. Show me how you would switch on the rear fog light and explain when you would use it? (no need to exit vehicle)
A. With the ignition on and the headlights set to dipped, press the rear fog light switch. You’ll notice a warning light come on the dash. The rear fog light needs to be on when visibility is under 100 meters.

Q. How would you turn on the main/high beam lights and tell me how you would know they are switched on?
A. With the ignition on and the headlights set to dipped, using fingertips pull the indicator stalk toward the steering wheel. A bright blue warning will come on the dash.

Q. What’s the purpose of the head restraint and how would you set it correctly?
A. The head restraint helps to keep the neck and spine straight in an accident. To set it higher and lower a button at the base is pressed. The drivers eyes and ears should line up half way up/down.

Q. How would you check the horn?
A. Press the centre of the steering wheel and listen.

Q. How would you check the parking/hand brake is working properly before making a journey?
A. Apply the handbrake and check it holds the car secure without exceeding the working travel (going all the way to the top).

Q. How would you check the power steering is working correctly before making a journey?
A. Before starting a journey apply gentle pressure on the steering wheel, it will feel very heavy. Repeat this after starting the engine and the steering should become light now that the power assistance is functioning. If the steering becomes heavy whilst driving it would indicate a fault.

Q. How would you check the foot brake before making a journey?
A. Check that the brakes slow and stop the car, should not feel spongy or slack and should not be pulling the car to one side.

Q. How would you check the brake lights are working before starting a journey.
A. This will require some assistance. With the ignition on press the brake and ask someone to look at the back of the car. The examiner will offer to look for you.

Q. How would you wash the front and rear windscreens?
A. Push the button at the end of the wiper controls and hold a few seconds does the front. For the rear pull the wiper controls toward the steering wheel and hold a few second.

Then The Driving Part Of The Test Will Start, Good Luck.

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